I decided to entertain the idea of buying a rental/investment property for the first time, however I was hesitant and wanted to get a better understanding of the process as well as the pros and cons. Ruby made me feel quite confident by giving me her advise and expertise on everything there was to know about rental property’s as well as current market conditions and she was very diligent in providing me with regular updates. Once I submitted an offer to purchase, she was very quick and thorough and secured my financing within 24 hours at a very low rate and I was successful in purchasing my first rental.   I look forward to calling on Ruby Samra at Dominion Lending Centres for my next financial needs.

Sincerely,  Al Matukaitis

Ruby Samra was professional, informative, and very helpful throughout the entire process of getting us our mortgage. We have referred her to all of our friends and we will definitely be working with her again in the future.


William Dellow and Samantha Kemp


We have been a client of Ruby’s for some years now, she helped us out on a number of mortgages.  First off she’s got to be the most professional and knowledgeable broker that I’ve met.  I refer her to friends as my mortgage guru.  She sat down and listened to what our needs were and explained in detail the difference between types of mortgages that would ultimately suit us better.   She went the extra mile to assure that we received the lowest rate offered on the market.   

Thanks for everything Ruby

-Rene Daoust

My husband and I just wanted to thank you very much for all of your help not only with our first mortgage, but with the changes we have made since then.  You have always been readily available, easy to talk to and understanding of what we needed.  You appear very passionate about your job and always have your clients interest at heart.   We appreciate all of your patience with us and look forward to working with you in the future.


Being a first time home buyer is unfamiliar and complex, thankful we had Ruby to patiently guide us through the whole process.   Ruby secured the best rate we could have hoped for and worked hard to get us into the home we wanted.   She answered all our questions diligently and was super knowledgeable and professions.  Ruby made buying a home not only easy but fun.  We are thoroughly pleased with the whole experience!!  -Mike and Laura

We were approved for a mortgage through RBC 2 months prior to our closing date.   After being told our mortgage was approved and going back and fourth with the RBC representative and constantly being reassured there would be no issues, we found out on the closing date that RBC could not approve our mortgage.  We were furious as we had just sold our house and no longer had a home to move into.   Finding this out on the day of closing left us in a very vulnerable position and on top of that we had incurred extra fees for not being able to close.   We never thought that a bank that we had been dealing with for 20 plus years would put us in this position and lead us on.   At this point our real estate agent had asked us to get in contact with Ruby.   We contacted her at 6:40pm and we were very pleased that she had decided to clear her schedule for that evening to meet with us personally that same night to work on our application.   Within 24 hours we had been approved and to our surprise at a much lower rate then RBC had offered us.    She took matters into her own hands and directly dealt with the sellers side so that we would not lose this house.   We have never received this high level of service from our bank and it makes me happy to know that there is someone like Ruby that takes her work seriously and actually cares about our well being.   She made herself available 24/7 regardless of how booked up she was.    I would highly recommend Ruby!!!!

Dave and Tanya

Hello Ruby

It was a pleasure working with you in identifying and securing the best possible mortgage for my daughter Michelle.  During the process, you made it very simple for us to understand all of our options and we believe you have found us the best possible mortgage that suits our needs.

Additionally, you have been very professional in your approach with us, answering all of our questions in a timely manner, and you have truly been a pleasure to work with.

Once again, thank you.


Thank you so much for all the help and assistance you gave.  As first time home buyers, we had a marvelous experience with Ruby.  She is very knowledgeable and Informative and her response to our questions was very quick and clear. We would personally recommend her to any first time home buyer.    -Herbert and Lucia

Ruby was the one person in the whole process that took our feelings and concerns into account and even when she was out of the office, or unavailable she always made sure to reassure us that everything was ok. I am grateful to Ruby because she showed my husband and I that people like her do still exist and that is very rare these days.

Thank you very much Ruby, we are customers for life and if you truly want to feel important and taken care over, respected and get the best possible financial services for your situation, I would always recommend Ruby.    -Steve and Wendy Day

Ruby is amazing!

When we first started our home search the very first thing we did was secure a pre-approval from the bank that we had been with for 30 years. However their information was confusing and in the end deceptive.

Our Real Estate Agent, Laura, had recommended a broker to us and we weren’t sure at first because we were comfortable with our bank, but after the first few days of dealing with the bank after putting in our offer on our house, we knew something wasn’t quite right and we called Ruby. She was straight forward, honest and she went to work immediately.

Ruby uncovered every stone, she went above and beyond to keep us posted almost daily of her progress and she promised us that we were important and she would treat us like she would want to be treated and Ruby kept her word. She walked us through many situations, she inspected all avenues, she secured financing and let us make the important decisions.

I want to take this time to give a special thank-you to Ruby Samra, for closing my home in January 2016. Ruby is a professional and competent Mortgage Broker. I would definitely recommend anyone who has mortgage needs to Ruby.  Ruby is a hardworking Mortgage Broker, who made herself available up until midnight at times for me. She also, reassured me of the process of getting a mortgage. Ruby went beyond the call of duty many times, answering my texts, email and phone calls. She also helped me to get a lawyer and had us sign everything at a convenient location for me.  Thank-you Ruby for your excellent extra-ordinary service. Your commitment to you clients is unique. May you prosper in all that you do.   -Cassandra Grant